Providing optimized patient safety with our Healthcare solutions.
Triatek healthcare solutions help protect patients and staff from airborne pathogens and hospital-acquired infections. Our innovative products help provide superior offer airflow control but are also customizable, which is ideal for the flexibility required in healthcare environments.
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The one-stop shop for all your critical airflow needs.
We design and manufacture innovative airflow solutions to empower critical environments like laboratories, healthcare facilities, and municipal facilities. Since 1985, we’ve been at the forefront of designing and manufacturing critical airflow solutions.
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Trustworthy, reliable & compliant Laboratory airflow solutions.
Triatek laboratory solutions help ensure occupant safety and accurate research results. Our products integrate easily into previously installed systems while remaining energy-efficient and meeting regulatory compliance requirements.
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Explore our airflow solutions and what they mean for your facility.

Click on the following slides to find out more about our products, solutions, and what they accomplish. Find out how to “plug and play” our products to optimize your critical environment.

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Offer state-of-the-art controls personalized to fit your needs

Whether your space requires negative or positive room pressure, Triatek can create a customized solution to help you protect occupants from airborne pathogens and hospital-acquired infections.

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More accurate hood readings and an increased level of safety for end users

Whether you are outfitting a new facility, scheduling upgrades, or simply need to replace one aspect of your laboratory HVAC system, our team can help you discover the best solution to fit your budget and needs.

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