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Protect patients when they are most vulnerable

Maintaining safe, sterile environments for patients, surgeons, and operating room staff is a highly complex endeavor requiring dependable environmental controls and vigilant monitoring.

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Optimizing the Operating Room Industry for Human Health and Safety
Operating rooms and their HVAC systems play a vital role in protecting the patient while they are most vulnerable by constantly providing fresh clean air to maintain optimal environmental conditions at all times. Positive room pressurization, high air change rates, optimal humidity levels, and temperature all play an integral role in optimizing a space for different types of surgery. When operating rooms suffer mechanical failures or are out of compliance, it can mean delayed patient care and costly maintenance fees for the hospital. Choosing dependable, easy to monitor control solutions provides facility managers with the confidence their spaces are in compliance and can quickly address any issues that arise.
Energy Efficiency
Operating rooms are much more energy intensive than other parts of a healthcare facility due to the stringent HVAC requirements to keep patients and staff protected and maintain a sterile environment. While this can correlate with higher energy costs, opting for Triatek’s smart control solutions can create opportunities for ORs to run as efficiently as possible and avoid costly downtime.
Regulatory Compliance
Ensuring operating rooms are constantly in compliance with the Joint Commission, the CDC, and ASHRAE standards can seem daunting. However, Triatek’s line of critical environment controls can help you manage your HVAC infrastructure, so your facility meets and exceeds the highest standards of design. Our fast-acting actuators, dependable Venturi valves, and user-friendly touchscreen controllers and monitors with visual and audible alarms help you take the guesswork out of regulatory compliance.

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