HMS-1655 LITE Fume Hood Monitor
The HMS-1655 LITE Fume Hood Monitor is a budget-friendly stand-alone monitor ideal for fume hoods that do not require network integration. It includes the signature Safety Halo edge lighting. It instantly updates as conditions change, and immediately alerts users of unsafe conditions with both visual and audible alarms.

It utilizes a closed-loop system to regulate air entering and exiting the fume hood and communicates with a sidewall sensor and sash position sensor to monitor the airflow with a higher degree of accuracy and reliability. The closed-loop fume hood monitoring system ensures a safer working environment for researchers.

The HMS-1655 LITE features a user-friendly touchscreen that displays:

  • Hood status
  • Sash height
  • Exhaust flow
  • Face velocity
  • Time and date

The HMS-1655 LITE also features Triatek’s signature Safety Halo™  – a glowing, color-coded edge lighting that provides 180° of status visibility, so that researchers can monitor multiple fume hoods from across the lab with a simple glance. The HMS-1655 LITE is ideal for university labs, crime labs, corporate research facilities, and any other setting with fume hoods.


Protect Users

Facilitate safe lab environments where hood users are confident their fume hoods are working properly

Ease of Use

Instant updates via user-friendly touchscreen, intuitive menus, and edge lighting


Cost effective design and implementation

Increased Visibility

The Safety Halo edge lighting provides hood status visibility from across the lab


  • Cost-effective
  • Safety Halo™ edge lighting
  • User-friendly touchscreen with intuitive menus
  • Bold, modern graphics
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • Simultaneously displays hood status, sash height, face velocity, time, date