Fume Hood Digital Sidewall Sensor
Triatek’s Fume Hood Digital Sidewall Sensor is a mass flow sensor that measures fume hood pressure as air is pulled from outside the hood to inside the hood. Controlled air flow direction helps to ensure no hood contaminates enter the sensor.

Patented CMOSens sensor technology combines sensor element, signal processing, and digital calibration on a single microchip for unmatched performance. This sensor works in conjunction with the HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller, Sash Position Sensor, and Zone Presence Sensor.


Fast Response Times

Response times within 4.6 ms to help maintain a safe environment

Highly Sensitive

Requires only a small amount of air flow for highly accurate readings

Single Microchip Integration

Sensor, signal processing and digital calibration combined

Speed and Stability

Superior delivery compared to membrane-based sensors


  • Digitally processes pressure
  • Easy connection to the hood controller
  • Simple hook up to controller
  • Can be used in conjunction with a sash position sensor
  • No offset drift

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