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Correctional Facilities prepare incarcerated individuals for a safe return to society.

Correctional Facilities provide basic needs for their populations while preparing people for the next stage of their lives. For some, this will include essential medical care. Correctional Facilities must meet the same high standards for safety and health considerations when offering medical care, including appropriate environmental considerations.

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  • Energy Efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance
Understanding Regulatory Requirements in the Correctional Facilities Industries
Both private and public Correctional Facilities work closely with the government to meet strict standards established to create environments that promote safety, health, and security for inmates, visitors and workplace professionals. Organizations must take particular care in their approach to providing healthcare services to facility populations, ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies including ASHRAE, the Joint Commission, the CDC, and others.
Energy Efficiency
A number of factors make correctional facilities among the highest in community infrastructure per square foot, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Seventy percent are located in small and rural communities, pressurizing local infrastructure; some facilities are simply housed within decades-old structures. Providing healthcare is especially energy intensive, escalating costs. Partnering with Triatek for energy efficient solutions not only drives down costs, but helps save energy in sensitive communities, reserving resources for other priorities, like security and rehabilitation.
Regulatory Compliance
Correctional facilities are subject to strict regulation from numerous agencies, particularly with regard to healthcare services. Organizations from ASHRAE, to the Joint Commission, the CDC, and others have created stringent guidelines for which institutions may face heavy penalties (and reputational damage) if left unmet. Triatek solutions help correctional facilities achieve or surpass regulatory expectations, leveraging sophisticated technologies, automated system surveillance, and airtight documentation to ensure that your facility remains in full compliance. Keep people safe and protect your positive standing in the community with complete adherence to established regulations.

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