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Constant Volume Labs with Triatek’s FlowSafe Stable Vortex II Fume Hoods.

Triatek’s patented FlowSafe Stable Vortex II Fume Hoods and Conversion Kits provide customers with a high-performance low flow fume they can utilize in constant volume labs. Constant volume HVAC infrastructures are ideal for when a simplified system is preferred.

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Achieving Peak Performance with a Constant Volume Lab
Ventilation designers and safety officers work together to design lab settings that prevent exposure to toxic chemicals, gases, dusts, and improve indoor air quality. Room pressurization, temperature, humidity, air changes, and fume hood selection and placement all play a part in orchestrating a safe lab environment. Constant volume labs are ideal for standalone labs and when a simplified airflow control system is preferred. There are fewer components to install, wire, and maintain. If customers also utilize Triatek’s FlowSafe Stable Vortex II Fume Hoods or Conversion Kits, owners can also anticipate significant energy savings from reduced airflow requirements without sacrificing safety.
Energy Efficiency
Constant volume labs are often considered less energy efficient than variable air volume (VAV) labs, however if a constant volume airflow approach is applied in the appropriate setting, and utilizes our high-performance low flow FlowSafe Stable Vortex II Fume Hoods, the energy reduction and cost savings can be significant.
Regulatory Compliance
ASHRAE standards for laboratories can seem overwhelming. However, Triatek’s line of critical environment controls can help you implement a simplified lab HVAC system that meets and exceeds the highest standards of design, protecting the reputation and integrity of your lab—and protecting the people who work inside it.

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Learn how Triatek products can help create safe, high-integrity Constant Volume Lab environments that meet complex regulations set forth by ASHRAE, ASHE, the CDC, and other key agencies. The result: better protections for lab researchers, and more powerful research integrity.

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