FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller
The redesigned Triatek FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller provides an innovative user experience with a robust set of features so you can be confident your critical spaces are safe and in constant compliance with the requirements set by ASHE, ASHRAE, the CDC and the USP.

From operating suites to compounding pharmacies and research laboratories, critical environments demand precision and the FMS-2000C enables you quickly address system issues that arise so you can enhance patient outcomes, protect staff, and maintain research integrity.


Continuous Monitoring

Easily verify room pressure,airflow, air changes per hour, temperature, humidity or CO₂ with a quick glance.

Intuitive User Interface

High-definition touch screen with an interface that navigates like a mobile device.

Instant Status Updates

Color-coded visual alarms with the 360° Safety Halo Edge lighting and a snooze button for the audible alarm.

Leveled Security Access

Two levels of password protected access: administrators and end users.


  • Controls and monitors up to six parameters across four rooms
  • BACnet® MS/TP Compatible
  • 360° Safety Halo™ edge lighting
  • Intuitive user interface allows for fast and easy set up
  • 18 available Input/Output (I/O) resources
  • QR code available to scan for a quick end user tutorial
  • Five-inch touchscreen with high definition 720 x 1280 resolution screen that is compatible with rubber gloves
  • Non-volatile memory saves user settings in case of a power outage
  • Door switch support to reduce nuisance alarms and increase Venturi valve actuator life span
  • Display override - display values from the other devices within the BAS