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From teaching labs to research facilities and pharmaceutical compounding, HVAC systems are a key component in controlling the flow of dusts, fumes, and pathogens to prevent contamination, maintain research integrity, and protect occupants.

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Create the Gold Standard for Variable Air Volume Laboratories
VAV lab ventilation can be complex to design, install, and maintain, but with Triatek’s knowledgeable support team and complete line of flexible, powerful control solutions we can help you simplify the process and create a best-in-class lab. Our product line includes a full range of dependable Venturi valves, innovative room controls, and comprehensive closed loop fume hood controls that are BAS-agnostic.
Energy Efficiency
Laboratories are often the largest consumer of energy within a facility or campus, as they require substantial airflow to maintain optimal indoor air quality. However, with a VAV control system, owners can realize significant energy savings by utilizing occupancy and zone sensors, scheduling supply and exhaust setbacks based on occupancy, and encouraging users to close fume hood sashes. Triatek can provide all the tools you need to create a dynamic, flexible VAV lab control system so you can optimize energy efficiency.
Regulatory Compliance
Lab safety is paramount to the success of any scientific endeavor and ensuring your labs are functioning within industry standards can be a complex task. Triatek’s comprehensive line of Venturi air valves, room pressure controllers, central monitoring stations, fume hood controllers and sensors help to remove guesswork, so you can be confident your lab is always meeting or exceeding safety standards.

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Our specialized products help you create, maintain, monitor, and verify the purest of air quality and ventilation standards for your VAV lab, supporting full compliance with Joint Commission, ASHRAE, the CDC and other rigorous certification and regulatory requirements.

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