FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor
The Triatek FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor can monitor and alarm for differential pressure. It can also display temperature, humidity, air flow, air changes and CO₂ from the building automation system (BAS) for up to four spaces. The FMS-2000M is a great option if you do not require a full controller for a space.


Continuous Monitoring

Easily verify room pressure,airflow, air changes per hour, temperature, humidity or CO₂ with a quick glance.

Intuitive User Interface

High-definition touch screen with an interface that navigates like a mobile device.

Instant Status Updates

Color-coded visual alarms with the 360° Safety Halo Edge lighting and a snooze button for the audible alarm.

Leveled Security Access

Two levels of password protected access: administrators and end users.


  • Displays, measures, and alarms for differential room pressure
  • BACnet® MS/TP Compatible
  • 360° Safety Halo™ edge lighting
  • Intuitive user interface allows for fast and easy set up
  • Capable of displaying pressure, temperature, humidity, air flow, air changes and CO₂ levels across 4 spaces; will alarm only for differential pressure
  • QR code available to scan for a quick end user tutorial
  • Five-inch touchscreen with high definition 720 X 1280 resolution screen that is compatible with rubber gloves
  • Non-volatile memory saves user settings in case of a power outage
  • Door switch support to reduce nuisance alarms and increase Venturi valve actuator life span