Venturi Valves
Trusted by the top hospitals, universities, and research facilities, Triatek Venturi valves help protect occupants from dangerous airborne pathogens, dusts and chemicals. Triatek Venturi valves are pressure-independent and maintain the desired airflow requirements regardless of duct pressure. Triatek offers a full suite of valve choices to meet your needs.


Fast-Acting Actuator

Utilizes fast-acting electric actuators to provide a rapid response to changing conditions

Precise Airflow Control

The valve’s rapid response ensures the airflow is constantly maintained at desired levels, whether in a negative or positively pressured space.

Easy to Install

Triatek Venturi valves are easy to install, are field-adjustable, and easily integrate into any third party building automation system

Universal Implementation

Triatek offers a full suite of valve options to fit your facility’s needs from different pressure drops, coatings, sizes, ganged options, and more.


  • Medium or low pressure ratings
  • Partially closed or full shut-off design
  • Valves available in 8 in., 10 in., 12 in., and 14 in. (203 mm, 254 mm, 305 mm, and 355 mm) diameters
  • Easy to install
  • Designed for low sound power levels that meet or exceed ASHRAE guidelines

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