Fume Hood Zone Presence Sensor
The Fume Hood Zone Presence Sensor is installed above the hood’s workspace to sense if an operator is standing in front of the hood. Once an operator is in front of the fume hood, the Zone Presence Sensor immediately communicates with its corresponding HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller to instantly switch from unoccupied mode to occupied mode.

The Zone Presence Sensor also senses when the fume hood is unattended and will revert to unoccupied mode after a user-specified number of minutes expire, which greatly reduces the fume hood’s overall energy consumption. This sensor works in conjunction with the HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller, Sash Position Sensor, and Digital Sidewall Sensor.

Once an operator is in front of the fume hood, the ZPS’ microwave motion sensor communicates with its corresponding HMS Fume Hood Controller to instantly switch to occupied mode.

Highly sensitive and accurate, the ZPS is capable of detecting motion down to 1/4” per second. In addition, the ZPS can be tailored for any size fume hood. Sensitivity and time delay are also configurable on the ZPS and associated HMS fume hood controller.


Highly Sensitive

Can detect motion within 0.25 seconds

Adjustable pattern detection

Narrow and wide pattern detection accomodates most fume hoods

Saves Energy

Capability to automatically switch to unoccupied mode reduces airflow and saves substantial energy

Eliminate False Triggers

Customize pattern, sensitivity and time delay for more accurate notification


  • Visible LEDs to verify activation
  • Easy to wire and set up
  • Enables labs to become more energy efficient by lowering the overall fume hood energy consumption
  • Adjustments for pattern, sensitivity, and time delay to eliminate false triggers
  • Automatically switches fume hood’s occupancy mode

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