Stable Vortex® Fume Hood Conversion Kit
The Stable Vortex® Fume Hood Conversion Kit adapts conventional fume hoods into high performance, low flow fume hoods that deliver a superior level of safety for the user, while providing substantial energy and cost savings for a laboratory facility.


High Performance

Sensitive baffle intuitively responds to environmental changes

Substantial Energy and Cost Savings

Lower costs for construction, installation, and lab overhead

Increased user protection

Optimize outdated fume hoods to better protect users

Maintain Controlled, stable airflow

Maintain controlled, stable 2-point air flow stability


  • Less required airflow makes working with fine dusts and powders easier
  • Custom designed to fit your specific project dimensions for a high quality fit and finish
  • HAM Hood Alert Monitor
  • Quieter hood, ideal for learning labs
  • The Conversion Kit costs on average, 50-60% less than replacing an entire fume hood
  • Complete the installations on your schedule, avoiding lab downtime

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