Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit
Triatek’s Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit converts legacy lab systems or tracking pair control systems to a digital system compatible with any building automation system.

By simply removing the existing hardware and installing Triatek’s Universal Valve Module (UVM), Fast-Acting Actuator, and hall effect sensor you can easily upgrade your lab with modern, digital controls.

Benefits of utilizing Triatek’s Venturi Valve Upgrade Kit include:
  • Valves can remain in the duct work (if working properly)
  • Can be completed in stages, resulting in less lab down time
  • More cost effective than an entire laboratory renovation
  • Capability to control your labs remotely
  • Option to integrate zone presence sensors
  • Easy integration with Triatek’s innovative HMS-1655 Fume Hood Controller with Safety Halo™


Easy Integration

Upgrading to digital controls means you can easily integrate other modern controllers like the HMS-1655

Cost Effective

Modernizes your valve controls without a total lab renovation, saving costs

Upgrade in Stages

Upgrade in stages as desired to minimize lab interruptions or downtime

Remote Control

Increase visibility and flexibility by controlling labs remotely


  • Cost-effective compared to a complete laboratory renovation
  • Ability to integrate lab controls into any building automation system, eliminating gateways
  • Capability to control labs remotely with increased visibility and flexibility
  • Option to integrate zone presence sensors for reduced energy consumption
  • Allows for convenient, scheduled, phased-in upgrades to fit into your budget

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