Universal Valve Module (UVM)
Triatek’s Universal Valve Module (UVM) allows our Venturi Valves to become truly universal. The UVM is ideal for legacy lab renovations or new installations in which controllers from multiple vendors are being employed.

This highly adaptable and interchangeable valve module accepts any 0-10VDC or MODBUS® signal and converts it to CFM, making it compatible with virtually all third party controllers on the market. The UVM can be ordered with any Triatek Venturi Valve.


Project Versatility

Suitable for both legacy lab renovations and new projects

Highly Compatible

Compatible across controllers from multiple vendors in single install

Universal Implementation

Converts inbound signals to CFM—ideal for virtually all marketplace third party controllers


  • Allows Venturi Valves to become universal and connect with third party controllers
  • Great for updating legacy lab systems or for new installations
  • Accepts any 0-10VDC or MODBUS® signal and converts it to CFM

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