Room Door Switch Sensor
Triatek’s Room Door Switch Sensors are used in conjunction with the FMS-2000C Critical Environment Controller and FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor to help prevent nuisance alarms and audible alarm fatigue.

These sensors briefly inhibit the audible alarm when the room door is opened. If the door does not immediately close, then the audible and visual alarms will activate. The Room Door Switch Sensors are low profile surface mount sensors and are easy to install.


Promotes Quiet Environment

Prevents nuisance alarms and alarm fatigue

Multi-use Sensors

Great for healthcare and lab settings

Easy Installation

Quick, secure install via unibody construction and flexible siding

Seamless Structural Integration

Low profile magnet option installs without damaging door channels


  • Designed for steel or wood doors
  • Prevents nuisance alarms
  • Easy to install
  • Surface and flush models available
  • Constructed of ABS plastic for maximum strength and durability
  • Helps reduce audible alarm fatigue

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