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Compounding Pharmacies make medicine safe and accessible.

Due to allergies or other special needs, some patients require customized pharmaceutical preparations not available in general pharmacies. Compounding Pharmacies formulate necessary medicines for these sensitive patients, in environments that meet stringent safety requirements for air quality and other measures.

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  • Energy Efficiency
  • Regulatory Compliance
Understanding Expectation and Regulation in the Compounding Pharmacy Industry
Compounding procedures are demanding, delicate, and precision-based, with little room for error. That’s why best-in-class Compounding Pharmacies must meet safety standards established by trusted regulatory agencies such as ASHRAE, the USP, the CDC, and for hospital-based pharmacies, the Joint Commission. Triatek encourages our partners and clients to remain constantly aware of regulation updates and best practices.
Energy Efficiency
Patients and communities rely on compounding pharmacies for special formulations and medications they just can’t get at ordinary establishments, but this can involve higher energy demands related to ventilation and other considerations. Fortunately, compounding pharmacies have options that reduce energy consumption (and associated costs). This makes them more competitive in the marketplace and helps better direct resources toward what really matters—helping people. Our solutions prepare compounding pharmacies for greater energy efficiency and savings, so that they can better serve their communities
Regulatory Compliance
The U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and other agencies, from ASHRAE to the CDC and (for pharmacies located within hospitals) as well as the Joint Commission, have established a network of complex regulations governing safety standards for compounding pharmacies. Keeping current with ever-changing standards and meeting the highest standards of design for spaces, including working areas, non-hazardous compounding, hazardous compounding, and ante rooms, can be challenging. Triatek solutions remove the guesswork from regulatory compliance, helping to ensure safe and healthy experiences for patients and workers, so that your hard-won reputation for excellence remains intact.

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Understand which Triatek products can help make sure that highly regulated Compounding Pharmacy environments meet strict standards established by the USP and other key agencies, resulting in higher-purity medication compounds and safer workplaces for pharmacists and pharmacy workers.

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