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Higher Education Labs: Ground zero for invention, innovation, and human achievement.

Laboratories on university campuses not only advance scientific discovery, they incubate new generations of researchers as students collaborate with faculty leaders. Carefully and consistently calibrated environmental conditions keep scientists, researchers and lab workers safe — and protect and maintain research integrity.

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Accomplished Regulatory Compliance in the Higher Ed Laboratory Industry
Higher Education Labs are tightly regulated spaces, from air pressure to ventilation, temperature, humidity, and other factors. Triatek affirms the importance of keeping current with regulatory updates and encourages our clients and partners to remain familiar with best practices established by ASHRAE, the Joint Commission, ANSI, OSHA, and other organizations.
The U.S. Department of Energy notes that laboratories consume far more energy per square foot than traditional office buildings, due to the energy-intensive nature of their efforts and the strict health and safety requirements in place. Labs on university campuses are no exception; in fact, some estimates place higher ed laboratory consumption at 40% of total campus electrical demand. Stats like these illuminate the special costs associated with this important work, but also opportunities for energy efficiency and cost savings. The right solutions can dramatically decrease energy consumption, lowering costs, so that your university can focus on what’s important: keeping people safe, and creating lasting innovation.
Laboratories on university campuses are subject to the same stringent safety requirements as hospital labs or labs embedded within research institutions. Respected organizations from ASHRAE, to the Joint Commission, ANSI, and OSHA establish gold standard metrics for safety and compliance. While keeping current can feel daunting, Triatek solutions can help your higher ed laboratory achieve or surpass regulatory expectations, keeping students, scientists and other lab workers safe in addition to protecting the integrity of lab results. Universities rise and fall on their reputations, and we can help you maintain the quality of excellence you’ve established in your community and in the marketplace.

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