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Indoor agriculture creates food, medicine, and beauty.

Blooming flowers, healing medicines, and fresh, delicious produce. Indoor agriculture allows growers more control and ownership in cultivation processes, creating stronger and healthier plants, higher yields, and better protection against harmful elements. Optimized technology and sensitive engineering capabilities allow indoor farmers to take ancient traditions into competitive modern environments.

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Achieving Best Practices in the Indoor Agriculture Environment
Triatek encourages our Indoor Agriculture and Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry clients and partners to remain current with established best practices and regulatory standards set forth by agencies such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and others.
Indoor agriculture has a great reputation for using less water compared to traditional agriculture, but industry leaders also know that energy consumption, and associated costs, remain a challenge. The 2021 Global Controlled Environment Agriculture Census found that nearly 40% of indoor agriculture companies don’t track energy consumption—a data gap that could mean missed opportunities for optimizing energy efficiency and saving money. Implementing Triatek solutions contributes to a stronger overall industry, helps reduce greenwashing, increases transparency and trust, and helps lower energy costs throughout your indoor agriculture business.
There’s no doubt about it, increased regulation is coming for the indoor agriculture industry. Regulatory standards set forth from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Food and Drug Administration will serve the important function of weeding out inferior players but will add to the complexities facing legitimate organizations. Entrusting Triatek solutions for appropriate ventilation and other needs will ensure that your indoor agriculture company remains in constant compliance with governmental and other standards, protecting your reputation and the quality of your work.

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