FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor
The Triatek FMS-2000M Critical Environment Monitor can monitor and alarm for differential pressure. It can also display temperature, humidity, air flow, air changes and CO2 from the building automation system (BAS) for up to four spaces. The FMS-2000M is a great option if you do not require a full controller for a space.


Highly Sensitive

Differential pressure monitoring with detection even at extremely low levels

Superior Multispace Management

Pressure, temp, humidity, air flow, air changes, and CO2 for up to 4 spaces

Intuitive Visuals

Status updates via color-coded visual alarms for easy, efficient monitoring

Smart Password Protection

Differentiated security access for admin and restricted-level users


  • Monitors pressure, temperature, humidity, air flow, air changes, and CO2 levels across four rooms
  • BACnet® MS/TP Compatible
  • 360° Safety Halo™ edge lighting
  • Intuitive user interface allows for fast and easy set up
  • Visual and audible pressure alarms