VMS-1655M Fume Hood Monitor
The VMS-1655M Fume Hood Monitor alerts you to compromised fume hood performance, and helps to better protect room occupants by measuring, controlling, and maintaining appropriate containment. The monitor adapts to changing conditions including sash movement, fume hood loading, room pressure fluctuations, and cross drafts. 


Protect Lab Researchers and Staff

Creates safer working environments with appropriate pressure and containment

Efficient Stability

Energy savings due to controlled environment with lower vortex airflow capacity

Measurable, Predictable Containment

Consistent two-point vortex stability via specially designed top and rear baffles

Ongoing Adjustment

Constantly adjusts to user movement, room airflow disturbances, and thermal changes


  • Intuitive design for simple commissioning and maintenance  
  • Precise vortex suspension via dynamic baffle and aerodynamic sash 
  • Top baffle attachment point creates stable, robust and resilient vortex
  • VMS-1655M alarms when vortex containment cannot be maintained 
  • Touchscreen user face, patented Safety Halo™ with 360° edge lighting

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